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You only have to look at the filthy residue left on your car after a thunderstorm to see how much pollution there is in our towns and cities. All that grime doesn’t just mess up your paintwork though – it can play havoc with your skin too, compromising its natural protective barrier and leaving it vulnerable to everything from dry patches to blemishes and premature ageing.

What’s more, studies have shown that the skin of people in polluted areas also tends to be less hydrated, sheds dead cells less efficiently and suffers more oxidative stress than those is pollution-lite rural areas.

There’s even evidence to suggest that exposure to polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from car exhaust fumes contributes to hyperpigmentation. Bottom line? Not only is cleansing face wash crucial but a man needs to pollution-proof his skin by adding a defence shield to his daily grooming routine.


Given that harsh weather can disrupt the skin’s natural protective barrier – and that the structural proteins that make up human skin tend to function best in a warm, slightly moist environment – it’s little wonder that skin can look below par once temperatures drop and moisture-robbing winds start to bite.

Crucial to protecting skin from the elements is the use of products that can support collagen production, strengthen its natural defence shield and deliver long-lasting hydration.


There’s only one thing worse for your skin than being outside in the cold weather and that’s being inside, where conditions can be even harsher. That’s because central heating and air conditioning make dry, cold hair even drier and when that happens it acts like a sponge – soaking up moisture from your skin.

This is why keeping skin adequately hydrated is so crucial – whether you’re outdoors and up a mountain, at home on your sofa or at your desk in the office.


By now most us understand the importance of protecting our skin against sun damage. With Cancer Research UK estimating that a dose of sunburn once every two years can triple our chances of developing skin cancer it pays to factor up in the summer. What many of us forget, however, is that the sun’s burning UVB rays aren’t the only danger to our skin: its UVA ones are damaging too.

Responsible for the bulk of premature ageing, UVA rays penetrate deeper into the skin than UVB rays, damaging DNA, causing wrinkles and increasing the risk of skin cancer. What’s more, UVA rays bombard the skin all year round – even in winter – which is why products containing built-in, broad spectrum sunscreens are useful weapons in any man’s grooming armoury.

Look out for our new product launches in Summer 2017.


You might not be able to do much to change the environment outside your house much but making small changes to the environment on the inside can reap big rewards for your skin. Keeping skin supple can be as simple as ensuring the air around you doesn’t get too dry (try dotting bowls of water around to increase the amount of moisture in the air). Washing in warm rather piping hot water and spending less time in the shower can help skin too since hot water tends to strip skin of its natural oils, causing it to become dry, tight and dehydrated. Turn down the heat and you won’t just save your skin of course – you’ll save money and help the environment too.

Written by: Lee Kynaston

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